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The Diamond Queen DVD Review

“The Diamond Queen” is a well made documentary series.

As you no doubt heard last month, Queen Elizabeth II had a Diamond Jubilee Celebration on June 2, 2012 to celebrate 60 years as the Head of State of the United Kingdom and the Head of the Commonwealth. In order to celebrate this monumental event, a 3 part documentary titled “The Diamond Queen” was made as a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

Presented and hosted by Andrew Marr, this insightful documentary explores the Queen’s family dynamics, her relationship with the Government, the British Monarchy, media relations, her job duties, highlights of her reign, and her tours of other countries. Interviews with The Duke Of York, The Prince Of Wales, PM David Cameron, Tony Blair, Prince Harry Windsor, Prince William Windsor, and many more are also included.

For U.K. folks, most of the information provided in this documentary is probably well known considering how much media coverage and history lessons there are about Queen Elizabeth II. For people not as familiar with the Queen, however, this can be an informative piece about the popular royal figure. Add in the fascinating behind-the-scenes footage of the Queen’s tour and you’ll find yourself becoming interested in both the history and the day-in-the-life look at Queen Elizabeth II’s life.

Summary: For those wanting to learn more about Queen Elizabeth II (and even a little about the Monrachy), “The Diamond Queen” is a good place to start.


“The Diamond Queen,” which is presented in widescreen, is a sharp looking documentary. The Palaces look particularly stunning on DVD.

The Dolby Digital Stereo track is better than the average Stereo track. Marr’s narration, the interviews, and the audio from various locations all sounded fine to this reviewer.

The only extra is a commemorative archive montage which is basically a still gallery slideshow with music and audio clips playing over it.

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