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Adventure Time: The Complete First Season DVD Review

It’s hard not to appreciate a comedic cartoon series populated mostly by mutants in a post-apocalyptic setting.

This show is yet another example that television animation aimed at kids is better now than it ever was when I was younger. I know a lot of older folks look back at their childhoods and fondly remember the cartoon shows they grew up with. But really, have you watched them lately? They are absolutely awful…condescending and heavy-handed, with piss poor animation and very little real creativity. Thundaar the Barbarian? Muppet Babies? Speed Buggy? Superfriends? Tell me I’m wrong.

Adventure Time, which appears on Cartoon Network, may not always be as laugh-out-loud funny as, say, Regular Show (my vote for the best cartoon since Spongebob Squarepants), but there’s a hell of a lot of imagination at work here. The stories are engaging, the two lead characters (Finn & Jake) are charming and likeable, and the overall art design reflects the work of folks not content to simply crank out childish junk.

And, like the best shows on Nickelodeon, Disney Channel or Cartoon Network, there’s a level of sophisticated, subversive humor in Adventure Time that, while perhaps lost on little kids, has earned the show a deserved cult following.

Bonus Features:
Audio Commentaries
Music Video
“The Wand”

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