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San Francisco Giants 2010 World Series Collector’s Edition and The Magic Inside DVD Reviews


Die-hard San Francisco Giants will definitely want to check out these 2 DVDs.

Looking back at the 2010 MLB season, I don’t think anyone predicted the San Francisco Giants to win it all. Their regular season wasn’t what one would call spectacular. Sure, they had some incredible pitching by Tim Lincecum (AKA “The Freak”) and Brian Wilson, but their hitting was far from perfect. However, thanks to some great final few games and a total collapse by the San Diego Padres, the Giants managed to make the playoffs where they would up dominating. In this World Series set, Giants (and baseball fans) can watch 7 key playoff games that showcased the Giants victories.

The first 2 games on this set are games 4 and 6 against the Philadelphia Phillies in the NLCS. Game 4 is notable for Juan Uribe’s game winning sacrifice fly while game 6 showed off Brian Wilson’s skills.

The other 5 games on this set are the World Series games against the Texas Rangers. From the first 2 games, it’s clear that the Giants were in control of this series. The Giants were blasting hits left and right and Matt Cain completely shut down the Rangers in game 2. In fact, the Giants only real misstep was in game 3 as Jonathan Sanchez gave up 2 homeruns leading the Rangers to victory. The Giants bounced by in game 4 as the Giants hitters came to life (namely Renteria, Torres, Posey and Huff). It didn’t hurt that Madison Bumgarner pitched a solid game too. In the final game (game 5), star Tim Lincecum pitched a stand-out game throwing 10 strikeouts, Edgar Renteria hit a crucial homerun, and Brian Wilson saved the game to give the Giants a World Series win.

Summary: If you are a Giants fan wanting to relive the World Series, this is the perfect set for you.

The widescreen picture quality is solid, but I’m a little puzzled as to why there wasn’t a Blu-ray release since hi-def broadcasts are the norm these days.

The Dolby Digital Stereo contained clear sounding announcers and crowd noise. In other words, it does its job.

* A collection of inside the park homeruns throughout the Giants 2010 season.
* Footage of Matt Cain’s one hit shutout.
* Footage of Buster Posey’s first hit and homerun and his 21st hit during a 21 game hitting streak.
* Footage of Juan Uribe’s two homeruns in one inning.
* Highlights of all 7 NLDS games.
* NLCS Trophy and NLCS MVP Trophy presentations.
* World Series Trophy and World Series MVP Trophy presentations.
* World Series final out and celebration.
* Footage of the Giants clinching the NL West.
* Commentary and footage about Brian Wilson’s orange shoes and beard.
* San Francisco City Hall celebration.

* A collection of walk-off game winners throughout the season.

* Pre-game and post game shows for all 7 games.

* MLB Network ads.

* Alternate audio set-ups for the 5 World Series games. You can watch the game listening to the Giants or Rangers Radio Networks.

If you have already bought the “San Francisco Giants 2010 World Series Collector’s Edition,” there’s not much point in buying “The Magic Inside The 2010 Season Of The World Champion San Francisco Giants.” Clocking in at only 77 minutes, this documentary about the Giants 2010 season is more of a retread than a companion piece. Sure, there are some interviews and behind-the-scenes footage of the players in the clubhouse, at practice, etc., but the documentary feels like a cheap cash in. Basically, the documentary just covers the team roster, spring training, the regular season’s up and downs, the battle for the NL west and, of course, the playoffs and world series. The problem is the documentary just glosses over their achievements. This would have been a far more exciting documentary had it been at least 2 hours.

Summary: “The Magic Inside” should have been an extra on the collector’s edition set. Unless you are a die-hard Giants fan, save your money and stick with the collector’s edition set instead.

The widescreen picture quality is particularly sharp here. It honestly looks better than the collector’s edition set. As for the Dolby Digital Stereo track, it is satisfactory.

* Coors Light ad.
* Footage of Rowan, Torres (times 2), and Uribe’s walk-off win hits.
* Footage of Lincecum’s 13 strikeout game, Cain’s one hitter, Sanchez’s 12 strikeout game and Wilson’s 48th save/NL West clincher, Posey’s first home run, Huff’s inside the park home run, Uribe’s go-ahead home run, Uribe’s 2 home runs in 1 innning, Sandoval’s home run blast into McCovey Cove, and Posey’s 21st consecutive hit in 21 games.
* Photo gallery.
* Coors Light Silver Bullpen Time-Lapse
* Jeremy Affeldt and Mark DeRosa mic’d up in spring training.

Note: Many of these extras are on the World Series set.

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