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Open Season 3 Blu-ray Review

The third time is not the charm for “Open Season 3”.

In this needless sequel, we learn that Boog is lonely. Not only is he sad that he is the only bear in his animal community, but he’s feeling left out now that his pal Elliot has a family. So, Boog decides to go off on his own. He eventually finds a circus (and shockingly other bears) and decides to switch places with a grizzly bear who worked at the circus because he has fallen in love with a female bear named Ursa. After learning about Boog’s disappearance, his friends set out on a quest to find him.

While “Open Season 2” was far from a masterpeice, I have to admit it did have its moments. I particularly liked the Mr. Weenie and Fifi characters. In this third sequel, however, the writers seem to have completely run out of ideas. This is arguably one of the most rushed animated films I’ve ever seen. The comedic gags are not funny, the animation is weak (especially the environments and circus trailer “barriers”), the new characters are obnoxious (such as the Llama), and the story is as dull as can be. The writers try to cram approximately 20 or so characters into a 74 minute running time which short changes every character’s screen time. To say it’s a mess is an understatement.

Summary: Not even Fifi and Mr. Weenie can save “Open Season 3.” Skip it.

Despite the fairly cheap CGI animation, this is a good transfer. The film is presented in 1.78:1 1080p.

The 5.1 DTS-HD audio track contains clean and clear music, sound f/x, and dialogue.

* DVD Copy
* Cupon for a free kids meal from Red Robin.
* Sony trailers and 3D ad.
* BD-Live extra titled “Interactive Rabbit Splat Mode” which allows viewers to throw rabbits at the screen while watching the movie. Why this is an extra is beyond me.

* Two games for children titled “Runaway RV” and “Boog’s Cannon Blast.”

* “Progression Reel”- A look at a scene in various forms (storyboards, layouts, animation, voice recordings, and finished product.)

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