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Luther- Series 1 DVD Review

“Luther” is nothing special.

Plot summary: After encountering a child killer, brilliant detective John Luther becomes suspended from his job and is plagued by a mental breakdown. One year later, he’s back on the job tracking down serial killers. Unfortunately, things don’t go smoothly for Luther. Not only does he struggle with inner demons, but he becomes framed for murder and discovers police corruption. Can Luther clear his name? Series 1 contains 6 episodes.

“Luther” is nothing you haven’t seen before. Cop with baggage? Check. Police corruption? Check. Murder investigations? Check. A cop who doesn’t do his job by the book? Check. It’s all been done before, but at least it’s done via an engaging 6 episode arc and not a drawn out 22 episode season like most shows.

As far as the cast goes, rising star Idris Elba does a fine job in the lead role. The character of John Luther is fairly deep and Elba doesn’t have any trouble digging into the role. Elba aside, the only other cast member who made a real impression was Paul McGann. As a “Doctor Who” fan, it’s always nice to see former cast members show up in other shows every now and then.

Summary: If police/cop dramas are your cup of tea, check out “Luther.” If not, there’s no need to revisit a show in a tired genre.

The transfers are top notch on this DVD set. The series has a very cinematic feel. The episodes are presented in widescreen.

The Dolby Digital Stereo audio track does its job.

Extras include trailers for “Wallander,” “Sherlock,” and a 29 minute featurette titled “Luther- The World Of A True Maverick” which includes interviews with the cast/crew and discussions about the series.

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