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Lennon Naked

This BBC portrait of John Lennon is bleak and one dimensional.While the acting by Christopher Eccelston should be applauded, this 90 minute bio pic portrays the worst parts of the Beatle, without much reward.  There is hardly a mention of the genius that Lennon was but instead focuses on his sad relationships with his father and how Lennon managed to estrange people in his life. The pic covers the era between the death of Brian Epstein to Lennon’s decision to leave England for New York. In the end, the viewer is left with a depressed sense of who Lennon was, without a real, true picture of the whole Lennon.

During this 30th anniversary of his death, there are a number of new Lennon specials that have surfaced.  I still think the best overall film of the man is “Imagine” and would recommend that for a truer portrait of who Lennon was.

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