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A Christmas Carol Blu-Ray

A Christmas Carol coverThis Robert Zemeckis-Jim Carrey collaboration puts a modern twist on the Christmas classic. This CGI adaptation tries to blend Carrey’s humor with the classic story with mixed results.  The technical aspects of the film are up to the usual high Disney standards , with stunning picture and powerful and loud DTS-MA soundtrack.  Zemeckis used a lot of motion capture to help the actors in their CGI roles, which is featured in the extras.  While most people are familiar with this Christmas tale of miserly Scrooge and his heartless disregard for anything Christmas until he is visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve, the film tries to update the story with a bit of Carrey humor while telling the classic tale. In some scenes it works and in others should have been left.

Extras are plentiful and consist of a a making of, deleted scenes with commentary, a 25 days of Christmas calendar, and a special on motion capture with picture in picture and commentary.  This set also includes a digital copy and a dvd with most of the same extras.

“A Christmas Carol” is what you’d expect of a Disney adaptation using Carrey and Zemeckis, which means quality work and production values and a modern interpretation in parts of this classic Dickens story.

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