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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Blu-Ray

The Sorcerers apprentice cover Disney expands on the idea first brought forth in Fantasia with this modern, special effects laden film. Nicolas Cage and Monica Belluci star in this fast paced tale of a physics nerd (played by Jay Baruchel) taken under the wing of Balthazar(Cage), who uses his magical powers to protect Manhattan from forces of evil (Alfred Molina). What results is a crash course in magical arts from Cage in a very predictable but still enjoyable plot.  Cage loves doing these films and his humor is one of the best things about this film.

As usual, Disney totally saturates the discs with extras, including features on Magic In The City, The Science Of Sorcery, Making Magic Real,  Fantasia: Reinventing A Classic, The Fashionable Drake Stone, The Grimhold: An Evil Work Of Art, The Encantus, Wolves & Puppies, and The World’s Coolest Car.  The disc also includes deleted scenes and outtakes, plus a making of feature. Its a healthy package adding value to the disc set.

I was pleasantly surprised by this Disney film, with great effects and humor, if a bit predictable  Great acting performances top it off.  This one is totally underrated and would recommend it for light evening entertainment.

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