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Fantasia/Fantasia 2000 Blu-Ray

Fantasia cover“Fantasia/Fantasia 2000” shows off a blu-ray system with the highest quality picture and sound available today.


Although 15 seconds of 1940 racist material has been cut from this edition, this blu-ray set shows off the Disney artist at his best.  The concept created by Disney was first panned by audiences when first released, but has been re-released to generations of audiences since and is now considered by many as Walt’s masterpiece.  Disney’s artists were given free reign to interpret different classical pieces for the original and what they came up with is stunning and has never been duplicated.  The follow up, “Fantasia 2000”, was approached in the same way and also resurrected concepts that Walt had for a sequel that was never seen in his lifetime. It’s a celebration of the concept created by Walt and a long overdue sequel to those wanting more.

This four disc set contains some extras but not nearly enough on disc.  The new extras include a presentation of the Disney-Salvor Dali collaboration “Destino”, a tour by Disney’s daughter of a museum in San Francisco, and a documentary about a recently discovered notebook that includes a ton of notes on how the special effects in the original “Fantasia” were created.

I have the dvd anthology of Fantasia/Fantasia 2000 and am disappointed that Disney chose to put all the extras that were included in that anthology on BD-Live, instead of including them on disc in this set.  First, because there presentation through streaming leads to a smaller picture and also because , although most Blu-Ray players are now 2.0 compliant, my second player, which I would use in a second room to watch blu-ray is not, so that extra material is not available to me.  I’d rather have it on disc and will keep my dvd anthology for that reason.

The picture quality of “Fantasia” can not be better; it looks brand new instead of a 1940’s film, with rich, saturated colors and amazing detail.  Fans of the film could not have asked for a better presentation. The sound is 7.1 DTS-MA and is powerful and dramatic.

One of my favorite Disney films, “Fantasia” is a cherished addition to my blu-ray collection and will be watched over and over.  Film purists will complain about the racist material being edited out, but that editing does not ruin the concept or enjoyment of watching this magnificent film in the slightest.

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