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Superman/Batman: Apocalypse Blu-ray Review

“Superman/Batman: Apocalypse” has a few exciting sequences, but the script is sloppy.

The plot: After hearing news of Supergirl’s arrival on Earth, Darkseid plots to kidnap her and take her to Apokolips for his own selfish reasons. Can Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman stop Darkseid and his evil minions or will Supergirl fall prey to Darkseid’s evil plan?

If you’ve been following the animated DC releases, you’ve no doubt found that they are a mixed bag. Thankfully, however, ‘Apocalypse’ is one of the stronger releases thanks to some strong character moments and action-packed set pieces.

As any viewer knows, character is the key to a successful comic movie which ‘Apocalypse’ fortunately has. The moments with Superman and Supergirl getting to know each other and Batman being suspicious of Supergirl really drive the first half of the movie. It’s just flat-out engaging storytelling. Another key to success for a comic film? Action. DC fans will happy to know this movie has a ton. The best sequence is an epic battle between Wonder Woman, Amazonians, Superman, Batman and an army of replicated Doomsdays). Unfortunately, after that scene, the movie shifts its attention to Apokolips which causes the film to fall apart due to a rushed, sloppy script, ridiculous moments with giant robot dogs, and overlong fights with Darkseid and the Female Furies. The problem with many of these DC animated films is that they all seem too long even at a 75-80 minute running length. They just run out of steam around the 45-50 minute mark and ‘Apocalypse’ is no exception. As I’ve said before, the Showcase shorts seem to be the right length. Why not just release a disc with 6-7 shorts instead?

Summary: Flaws aside, this is still one of the better DC animated flicks to date. Give it a watch.


As usual Blu-ray is the way to go for animated flicks. The animation looks fantastic and the colors really shine in 1.78:1 1080p.

I can’t complain about the 5.1 DTS-HD. The music, voice acting, explosions, action all sounded good to this reviewer.

* Warner/DC trailers and trailers for Lego, “Jonah Hex Motion Comic,” “Batman: Under The Red Hood,” “Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths,” “Superman/Batman: Public Enemies.”
* DVD digital copy.
* “DC Showcase: Green Arrow”- This is easily the weakest of the 3 Showcase shorts so far. The story, which involves Green Arrow protecting a young princess from the villainous Merlyn, is simply uninteresting and Neal McDonough is woefully miscast as Green Arrow. Why not just get Justin Hartley (who already places Green Arrow on “Smallville”) to do the voice?
* 4 epsiodes from “Superman: The Animated Series” titled “Little Girl Lost” parts 1 and 2 and “Apokolips Now!” parts 1 and 2.
* “The Fourth World: The New Gods”- A featurette about Jack Kirby’s comics “The New Gods” comics/characters and Darkseid. 
* “New Gods” profiles/featurettes on the Mister Miracle and Orion characters.

* “Supergirl: The Last Daughter Of Krypton”- An in-depth 18 minute featurette on the Supergirl character.

* A sneak peek at the upcoming “All-Star Superman” animated feature. Not quite sold on this one yet. I realize Batman and Superman are the company’s biggest moneymakers, but I would like to see DC do a few other non-Superman and Batman animated films. There are other characters that deserve their own films.

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  1. We agree, it was better (or at least more fun) than many of the other recent DC releases *cough*Red Hood*.

    It was pretty art wise (mostly) and the action was good. It was not overly deep, but did the job of entertaining.

    Here is our take with a lot of pics and a little humor if your are interested:


    Comment by Fortress Guy | November 11, 2010 | Reply

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