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Atlantis: The Lost Continent

atlantisWarner Archive recently released this 1960’s gem and has made it available exclusively through their Warner Archive Collection.  Produced and directed by George Pal, this fantasy pic is the story of a lost princess (Joyce Taylor), a Greek fisherman who rescues her , and her return with him to Atlantis.  Once there, the fisherman finds things are not so “ideal” as the princess has portrayed in her description.  The highly sophisticated Atlantians have slavery, turn men into animal half-breeds, and want to conquer the world with a death ray.

This popcorn epic will cause a few giggles now with its script but its message is clear as it was when first released.  Acting is not the best but you’ll see some familiar faces and voices; Edward C Platt-(the chief in the original Get Smart series) has a major role and Paul Frees, with his rich narrator voice also dubs in a couple different actors lines.

Costuming is sort a cross between a sword and sandal epic and Flash Gordon.  The picture has lost a lot of its color but I found it to be relatively clean and sharp enough on a big screen. Pal still comes through with impressive special effects, especially near the ending during the destruction sequences. Sound is Dolby mono.  There are no extras and merely a chapter stop every ten minutes during the film.

This George Pal film from the early 60’s is great for an afternoon popcorn film and you can order it directly from  the Warner Archive store for a good two hours of fun.

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