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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Blu-Ray

Prince Of PersiaJerry Bruckheimer and Disney collaborate again in this action adventure thst stars Jake Gyllenhaal as the action hero, with Gemma Arterton as a feisty princess, Ben Kingsley as the nemesis, and Alfred Molina as a rascal scoundrel.  Based on a popular video game of the 90’s, this big budget film has everything you’d expect in its genre; lots of action scenes, some tongue in cheek humor, a lot of leaping from building to building, incredible effects, and a very predictable plot.

It’s a guilty pleasure to be sure and Bruckheimer knows how to make them entertaining as hell.  Jake Gyllenhaal pulls off the action hero role well, as does Gemma Arterton as his princess with an attitude.  Ben Kingsley as villain is, well, you’ve seen it before.  Alfred Molina plays a great character and you can tell he had fun with this role.  Its an enjoyable two hours of fun entertainment, made for munching popcorn and putting your brain on hold.

The plot involves the Prince possessing a magical dagger that can turn back time and the struggle for the Kingdom between his Uncle (Kingsley) and all others.  Without spoiling anything, let’s just say the ending is typical Disney.

Extras on the disc include a dvd of the film, a digital copy for ipod, a deleted scene, a 15 minutes documentary on its making, and a special feature popup feature CineExplore (when activated) for blu-ray viewers that adds extra behind the scenes footage content to the film as you watch it, every time a dagger appears on the screen.

“Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time” is a fun fantasy that is in the same genre as Pirates of the Caribbean and should be viewed with the same expectation.  Just a good, old fashioned, action adventure with state of the art special effects, a lively plot and big budget production.  Nuff said.

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