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Alice In Wonderland Blu-Ray

“Alice In Wonderland” is another collaboration between Disney and director Tim Burton.  Burton has taken the familiar “Alice” story, updated it, and made Alice 19 years old, on the verge of womanhood in Victorian England.  References to Alice’s first visit are everywhere in the film, from the opening sequence, to references by the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp)and others.  Some characters even insist that this Alice is the wrong Alice.

Besides Depp, this Wonderland boasts vocalizations by Alan Rickman as the smoking caterpillar (Disney puts in a public service announcement before the film warning of the evils of smoking), Michael Sheen as the White Rabbit, Anne Hathaway as the White Queen and Helen Bonham Carter as the Red Queen.  Carter gets a lot of the really good lines and plays her part to the hilt.

Being a Burton film, you can expect dreary scenes throughout and the film looks like it was shot in the middle of winter in Oregon.  Alice in some beginning scenes, looks almost dead she is so pale in makeup.  While the flora and fauna are imaginative , the designers stuck closely to the original descriptions from the book.  The Jabberwocky is a great monster and there is a nice battle sequence with Alice heading out to fight it. Blu-ray viewers will particularly appreciate Johnny Depp’s eyes in close-ups.

The original animated “Alice” from  Disney was bright and colorful and is one of the things I remember most about it when I was a child.  The colorful lanterns at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party is just one example.

This blu-ray set also includes the dvd with a few extras that are also on the blu-ray, and a digital copy.  The extras on blu-ray include a lengthy segmented “making of” documentary, and another long segmented feature on the different characters. The disc set does not include a 3-D version of the movie.

This updated “Alice” provides a lot of entertainment, a snappy script, and great character interpretations from the cast.  The only downer is Burton’s obligatory “dark” interpretation which is a real change from the original.  The script is set fro everyone but adults will find some other meanings in some of the dialog so they’ll enjoy it as much as the kids.  Another winner from Disney that has great replay value.

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