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Cinematic Titanic Live- Danger On Tiki Island DVD Review

“Cinematic Titanic Live: Danger On Tiki Island” is another must own DVD.


Content: A-

Picture: C+

Audio: C

Extras: B-

In the third live Cinematic Titanic DVD release, the gang takes on a cheesy clunker in which a Chris Isaak look-alike Peace Corps member, a researcher who resembles Vincent Price and the researcher’s horny wife travel to a bizarre island to investigate the effects of an atomic bomb test from the 40’s. While on the island, the three discover the bomb has caused mutations in plant and animal life, but the weirdness doesn’t end there. They quickly discover that a ferocious monster is terrorizing the island’s inhabitants. Is this monster a mutated person? Can the monster be prevented from killing? Will anyone actually care about the plot of this movie? (Answer: Not likely).

In the first twenty minutes or so of the movie, very little happens on screen which seems to makes it a little difficult for the Cinematic Titanic group to riff. Thankfully, the movie becomes eventful thereby giving the Titanic folks plenty of material to riff on. The end result? Another laugh-filled 88 minutes of Cinematic Titanic goodness. With scenes containing everything from a dwarf being whipped and a butterfly biting a character to strangling trees and man boobs, this weird movie makes itself an easy target for the riff masters. Naturally, there’s the usual funny pop culture references about such topics as “Gilligan’s Island,” Susan Boyle, and Keith Olbermann as well. The real surprise in the riffs this time, however, is the adult content. In the past, CT was generally pretty family friendly, but the gang throws caution to the wind here with a plethora of sexual innuendos and even a number of S words here and there. Personally, I liked the more adult side of CT. We’ve never really had the chance to see these comedians let loose and say whatever they want comedy club style and it was nice to see a little of that here. Hopefully, the gang gets a little dirtier in future live shows. 

Another aspect that I found quite funny this time around was Frank Conniff. Sure, Frank has made me laugh in everything he’s done, but for some reason, he was REALLY hitting all the right notes in this live show. Not only did Frank seem to have a ton of fun here (as evidenced by his frequent laughter), but virtually every line delivery was a guaranteed laugh. I am particularly fond of his random shouting and jibberish. I know much has been said about the studio recordings and live DVDs, but seeing Frank’s lively performance here really proves why live is better.

If I had one complaint it was that there were a few missed opportunities in my opinion. There were a few scenes, especially in the beginning of the film, that felt ripe for a comment, but instead there was nothing but silence.

The picture quality is no different than the other films that the CT gang has riffed on. The print is littered with the usual dirt and scratches. The sound quality, however, is worse than usual. Some of the dialogue sounds low and garbled and the music (and chants) are ridiculously loud. Thankfully, the riffs are never hard to hear which is what matters most. 

On past CT discs the only extras have been trailers, but with this particular disc an 18 minute featurette titled “CT Live: Between The Riffs.”  It’s a fun little extra that contains interviews with the cast (and fans) chatting about riffing, the CT group members, performing live, and fandom. Hopefully we will see more extras on future releases.

“Danger On Tiki Island” is available to purchase on www.Eztakes.com and www.Cinematictitanic.com starting June 15th.

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