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Dallas Season 13 DVD Review

If you own the other 12 seasons of “Dallas,” you will want to pick up season 13.

The thirteenth season offers plenty of stories to satisfy fans of the long running primetime soap opera. Stories you can expect to see: J.R. has oil business problems, Ellie Ewing and Clayton Farlow investigate murders, J.R. learns he has a son, Cliff enters the world of politics, Cally and James plot revenge against J.R., J.R. enters a psychiatric hospital for a sneaky reason, Bobby and April plan to get married, Tommy McKay tries to kill Bobby, and J.R. struggles with marriage problems. Other subplots involve Vanessa, Carter, and Michelle. This season contains 27 episodes.

Considering how long the show ran, “Dallas” obviously had a loyal fanbase. However, I can’t say I was ever one of those people. This series is simply not my cup of tea. Oil business talk, an excessive amount of characters and over the top family drama does not exactly make for riveting TV for me personally. I realize some folks out there watch this show now for nostalgic reasons and there’s nothing wrong with that. We’re all guilty of watching series we grew up on (even if they aren’t good). I suppose I just don’t understand the appeal of “Dallas.” It seems to be more well known for it’s shocking, gimmicky cliffhangers than for its content.

Summary: Season 13 is strictly for “Dallas” aficiandos.

The fullscreen picture quality has its fair shaire of dirt and faded colors, but it looks better than previous seasons since it was one of the last seasons to air.

The Dolby Digital Mono track is expectedly flat, but the dialogue is never hard to hear.

No extras have been included on this set.

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