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The Prisoner DVD Review

“The Prisoner” is an insult to fans of the original series.

The plot: A man (known as 6) is kidnapped and taken to a mysterious place known as the village. 6 has no idea how he got to the village or why he is there and so he must seek out answers.

The new “The Prisoner” series simply doesn’t hold a candle to the groundbreaking original with Patrick McGoohan. It’s essentially a needless, hipper, modern update of the classic TV series with bigger production values. The difference is that, unlike the original, the entire 6 part mini-series is an absolute mess. The pacing is sluggish, Jim Caviezel is a bland leading actor who constantly overacts, and the script is sloppy and contains snooze worthy additions such as the stuff about 6’s background before he was kidnapped. The only saving grace here is Ian McKellen who is great as per usual.

Summary: Skip “The Prisoner” and watch the original series instead.

Despite some distracting grain, the widescreen picture quality is very sharp looking. The cinematography is one of the best things about this series.

The Dolby Digital 5.1 audio track has clear sounding music, dialogue, and sound f/x.


* Deleted scenes from all 6 episodes.
* Completely dull commentary tracks on “Arrival” and “Checkmate” by producer Trevor Hopkins and editor Yan Miles.
* “The Man Behind 2”- An interview with Ian McKellen about his life and work. 
* “Beautiful Prison: The World Of The Prisoner”- Discussions about the Village with the cast and crew.
* “A Six-Hour Film Shot In 92 Days: The Diary Of The Prisoner”- A behind-the-scenes look at the shoot.
* “The Prisoner Comic-Con Panel”- Clips from the panel with some of the cast and crew moderated by Robert Meyer Burnett. As with most Comic-Con panels, this is a fun watch.

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