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Dragon Ball Season 4 DVD Review

The fourth season of “Dragon Ball” is filled with intense action and drama.


Content: B+

Picture: B

Audio: B+

Extras: C-

“Dragon Ball” Season 4, which contains episodes 93-122, is jam packed with explosive action and engaging characterization. Among the riveting stories included in this season: The semi-finals and finals of the World Martial Arts Tournament, a murderous alien (Tambourine) who kills skilled fighters, a quest to retrieve 7 Dragon Balls, the rise of the all-powerful King Piccolo, and Goku discovering the Ultra Divine Water. There are alos pivotal subplots involving Tien and Krillin but I don’t want to get into spoiler territory.

One of the main complaints about “Dragon Ball” and “Dragon Ball Z” is how the writers often drag out story arcs. In season 4 of DB, however, those complaints are non-existent. Just as the Tournament story arc concludes, a quick, fast-paced new story arc begins with the death of a major character. Even though we know characters never really die for good in the “Dragonball” shows, it’s a memorable, shocking moment and it really sucks the viewer into the new arc involving the fierce warriors Tambourine and King Piccolo. From there on out, DB fans are treated to speaker rattling battles, amusing humor (thanks to Master Roshi, Pilaf and Yajirobe), and best of all, fascinating character moments. My personal favorite moment of the entire season is seeing a young Master Roshi encountering King Piccolo and his army in the past. It offered a lot of insight into both Roshi and Piccolo’s characters and it was also visually appealing as well.

Summary: For “Dragon Ball” fans, it just doesn’t get much better than this season four set. A must buy.

For some reason, DB looks better than DBZ. Just look the opening credits or the tournament battle scenes if you don’t believe me. Sure, there are dirt specs and grain here and there, but the colors are bright and clear.

This set includes English 5.1 Surround Sound and Original Japanese Mono audio tracks. Like the DBZ English audio track, the DB audio track is just as impressive. From the announcer to Master Roshi, the voice acting is top notch. The Japanese Mono track is a bit on the scratchy side, but many fans will only want to hear it that way.

Extras include a booklet containing character profiles and episode summaries, textless opening and closing songs, and trailers for “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood,” “One Piece,” “Dragon Ball Z Kai,” “Initial D-Fourth Stage,” “xxxHolic,” “Tsubasa,” “S.A.V.E.,” “Heroic Age,” “The Slayers,” “Soul Eater,” “Ah! My Goddess,” “Dragon Ball,” and “Kenichi.”

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