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The Princess and The Frog Blu-Ray Combo

The Princess and The Frog Blu-Ray coverDisney’s classic animation, last seen in “Beauty and The Beast” (just announced on blu-ray) and “The Little Mermaid” is back and it looks and sounds great.  In the classic Disney tradition, John Lasseter, who now oversees most of Disney animation, decided to revive the drawn animation department and hired the crew from Mermaid and Beauty to work on this project.  The results are some of the best Disney animation we’ve seen in a long time.

Voice casting is superb: Anika Nani Rose is Tiana, the heroine, Bruno Campos is the frog prince, Keith David as the villainous Dr. Facilier, John Goodman as Big Daddy, Oprah Winfrey as Tiana’s mom, and Jennifer Lewis as Mama Odie.

The story involves Tiana growing up in 1920’s New Orleans, working hard to get ahead in life, pursuing a dream of owning a restaurant. She meets the prince from Moldavia, who is soon turned into a frog by the evil voodoo Dr.  Along the way, you meet some talking animals, who steal a lot of scenes (what would a Disney film be without talking animals), some incredible musical numbers filled with gorgeous animation, and a great jazz soundtrack penned by Randy Newman. It is truly a memorable film that the entire family will enjoy.

This set includes the blu-ray disc with Disney Live, the dvd and digital copy for ipod.  Other extras included commentary from the directors, a bunch of short (under 3 minute) featurettes on the production including the return of Disney drawn animation, art galleries, deleted scenes, a 22 minute “making of” feature, a music video and game.  As usual, Disney has crammed a lot of stuff onto this disc and some features are even incuded in the dvd version of the film included.

This one is a must have for Disney fans; an updated, modern fairy tale with a great voice cast, beautiful animation and music, a sinister and classic villain, and charming characters that rank up there with the best of Disney.  A new classic has been born.

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