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Scarecrow and Mrs. King-Season One

Kate Jackson and Bruce Boxleitner starred in this light hearted 80’s spy show that has a huge following even now.  No sooner than Warner released this first season that fans were asking for Season Two.  The show was proving ground for Jackson, who had been on Charlie’s Angel’s and took on this role to show her acting talent in areas, such as humor.  Through most of the episodes, humor was an important element and Jackson had most of the good lines, leaving Boxleitner the straightman role.

Jackson also was one of the first females to portray a divorced woman raising two kids and getting along ok with the hubby to hit television.  While she still sort of has a crush on Boxleitner, the chemistry between the two stars was good but not romantic.  Kudos also go to Beverly Garland as the grandmother, taking the kids when Jackson is out on assignment.

This show is a marvelous look at 80’s television, from fashion to the current trends of the time, politics, and as such, you will find some of its elements very dated.  The picture and sound are in remarkably good shape for a 25 year old series.

While its fans may be content with this first set, the discs do lack extras and since most of the principles are still around, commentary or “where are they now” features would have added value to the set.

A high recommendation for those who loved this show.  Enjoy this again.

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