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Surviving Desire

When American Playhouse commissioned director Hal Hartley to make this film, the filmmaker was coming off one of the most impressive one-two punches in the independent film market: 1989’s The Unbelievable Truth and 1990’s Trust. Both announced Hartley as a true cinematic artist who filled his works with hyper-stylized dialog, perfectly mannered performances and a visual style that was equal parts ’70s grit and French New Wave shakiness.

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The Princess and The Frog Blu-Ray Combo

The Princess and The Frog Blu-Ray coverDisney’s classic animation, last seen in “Beauty and The Beast” (just announced on blu-ray) and “The Little Mermaid” is back and it looks and sounds great.  In the classic Disney tradition, John Lasseter, who now oversees most of Disney animation, decided to revive the drawn animation department and hired the crew from Mermaid and Beauty to work on this project.  The results are some of the best Disney animation we’ve seen in a long time. Continue reading

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Scarecrow and Mrs. King-Season One

Kate Jackson and Bruce Boxleitner starred in this light hearted 80’s spy show that has a huge following even now.  No sooner than Warner released this first season that fans were asking for Season Two.  The show was proving ground for Jackson, who had been on Charlie’s Angel’s and took on this role to show her acting talent in areas, such as humor.   Continue reading

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Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

Ripley's Believe It Or Not dvd coverBefore there was Guinness World Records, Robert Ripley was drawing and recording bizarre and unusual facts, people and events.  Starting out as an artist that appeared in hundreds of newspapers, Ripley eventually took his collection of the unusual to the local theater, producing  a series of 24 shorts, each around 10 minutes long. Warner Archives has released the entire collection of these shorts in a two disc set. Continue reading

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Alice In Wonderland-BBC

This 60’s black and white production from the BBC is a startling and original take on the children’s classic.  Led by an outstanding cast that includes Michael Redgrave, Peter Sellers, John Gielgud, Peter Cook and Leo McKern help this surreal production’s credibility. Continue reading

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