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Angels and Demons Blu-ray

The sequel to Da Vinci Code is a bit better than the original.Ron Howard and Tom Hanks again combine for Dan Brown’s follow up film on religious symbols and mysteries.  The film takes the viewer on a quick paced journey to Rome and the Vatican, where Hanks and company race to find four kidnapped Cardinals before they are executed by a radical religious group known as the Illuminati.  Hanks must interpret symbols around the city in a race against time and before an anti-matter bomb goes off, which could destroy all of the Vatican.

This blu-ray set is loaded with extras and is geared for the high definition format.  Both the theatrical and expanded editions of the film are included on disc one, high definition extras on disc two and digital copies on disc three.  Extras range from numerous aspects of the production and features on CERN, plus some BD-Live features, such as chat during the film, and updated information via the Internet.  Sony continues to offer features to make blu-ray the format of the future with these features.

This film is not for everyone, as some of the deaths are rather gruesome.  Parents be cautioned.  Dialog is quick paced but complicated on religious traditions and mythologies.  Viewers may want to use the pause button occasionally to absorb it all. However, this adds to the replay value of the film.  I can recommend the film with those precautions.

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