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B’Twixt Now And Sunrise: The Authentic Cut Blu-ray Review

“B’Twixt Now And Sunrise: The Authentic Cut” is lesser Francis Ford Coppola. 

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Top Gun: Maverick Blu-ray Review

“Top Gun: Maverick” is a high-flying sequel.

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Top Gun 4K UHD Steelbook Review

Highway to the Steelbook zone.

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Top Gun 4K UHD Review


“Top Gun” stills entertains 34 years later Continue reading

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The Doors 4K UHD Review


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Batman Forever 4K UHD Review


“Batman Forever” is a fun Batman film. Continue reading

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Kill The Irishman and happythankyoumoreplease DVD Reviews


“happythankyoumoreplease” brings nothing new to the table.

“Kill The Irishman” is an engaging gangster biopic. Continue reading

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Tombstone Blu-Ray

“Tombstone” has got to be one of the finest modern Westerns ever made.  The story of legendary Wyatt Earp and the affable but deadly Doc Holliday are skillfully played by Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer.  The supporting cast of Sam Elliot, Bill Paxton, Powers Boothe, Michael Biehn, Charleton Heston (in one of his final film roles) and Dana Delaney among others, make this the definitive film about Earp in Arizona before and after the famous shootout at the OK Corral.It is a memorable experience to enjoy through many viewings.

The film is historically accurate and was researched thoroughly before scenes were added to the two plus hour film.  While some might say the film was a Hollywood recreation of history, eyewitness accounts of events were used in the writing of the final script for authenticity.

Val Kilmer makes this film much more with his portrayal of Holliday.  His witty lines, southern drawl, and remarkable characterization are dead on from start to finish.  He is the ultimate “Huckleberry” of this film, showing up even the talented Russell.

This blu-ray disc is a welcome addition to any western fan’s library. The picture is outstanding; you can count the hairs on Sam Elliot’s mustache in some scenes, it’s that sharp. Colors are rich and well balanced. The sound is also excellent throughout, from bullets flying past your ear to the thunder of horses riding into town.

Extras include most of what was on the Vista series dvd set but not the commentary from director George P. Cosmatos, or the extra four minutes from the director’s cut of the film.  There was certainly enough space on the disc for these but were left out.  However, that’s my only peeve about the disc on this blu-ray.  It’s a film that deserves blu-ray and I’m glad Disney has finally given it to us in high definition.

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