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The Doors 4K UHD Review


Val Kilmer carries “The Doors.”

In this 1991 Oliver Stone directed biopic, “The Doors” is less about the band and more about the life and death of the poetic, creative, free spirited, eccentric, and self-destructive frontman Jim Morrison whose drug and alcohol filled life ultimately caught up to him. The film covers his childhood, UCLA film school days, the band’s formation, desert tripping, Jim and the band’s rise to fame, Morrison’s constant trouble with the law, Morrison’s love interests (Pam and Patricia) as well as his out of control behavior.

With the current musician biopic craze going on at the moment, it’s interesting to take a look back at one from the 90s. Under the eye of Oliver Stone, “The Doors” is told in a style and fashion that certainly feels appropriate to the psychedelic and chaotic life and lifestyle of Jim Morrison. Unfortunately, the movie falls victim to the usual biopic cliches and, as mentioned above, barely focuses on the band and more on Morrison. Stone also strangely only seems to make things up (as he is want to do) and focus on the dark side of Morrison’s life while putting very little emphasis on the joys of his life or his creative genius.

Where “The Doors” does shine is with Val Kilmer’s portrayal of Jim Morrison. How Kilmer was overlooked by the Oscars and even the Golden Globes is beyond me. He elevates the entire film, his singing is spot on, he gets entirely lost in the role, and commits himself to the part in such a deep and unique fashion. His performance is truly more appealing than the film itself. The rest of the cast is quite good as well with Kyle MacLachlan, Meg Ryan, Kevin Dillon and Crispin Glover giving memorable performances as well.

Note: This set contains the final cut and the theatrical cut.


Presentation: 2.39:1 2160p. How does it look? From the smoky clubs to the bright desert, this 4K transfer gives the film impressive clarity.

Audio Track: Dolby Atmos. How does it sound? The Doors fueled soundtrack soars with this Atmos track.

* 2 separate new interviews. One with Oliver Stone and the other with Lon Bender who mixed the new Dolby Atmos track.
* An intimate and insightful commentary by Oliver Stone on the theatrical edition.
* Digital copy
* Blu-ray copy
* 15 deleted scenes
* Lionsgate trailers and trailer and TV spots for “The Doors.”
* “The Doors In L.A.”- A featurette about the 60’s and The Doors place within it.
* “Jim Morrison: A Poet In Paris”- A 52 minute documentary about Morrison’s times in France
* “The Road To Excess”- Another featurette about the 60s and The Doors.
* A standard archival featurette on the film

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