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Turner Classic Movies: The Essentials: 52 Must-See Movies And Why They Matter Book Review

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“Turner Classic Movies: The Essentials: 52 Must-See Movies And Why They Matter” is too basic for film buffs. Continue reading

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Turner Classic Movies: The Story Of Film: An Odyssey

If you’re a fan of film history or are a major film buff, I thought I’d alert you to some programming that Turner Classic Movies (or TCM for short) will be airing. On every Monday from September 2nd to December 9th, TCM will be airing 1 part of their 15 week documentary series titled “The Story of Film: An Oddssey.” The weekly documentaries will be accompanied by films from a certain time period as well. For example, week 1’s “The Story of Film” will delve into the birth of cinema and will be accompanied by airings of classic films like “A Trip To The Moon” and “Intolerance.” In week 15, “The Story of Film” will end with a piece on modern cinema along with airings of groundbreaking works like “Russian Ark” and “Memories Of Murder.” It should be noted that every Tuesday from Sept. 3rd to Oct. 29th will also feature repeats of that week’s “The Story of Film” along with a host of films being played from the era that is touched upon in that week’s ‘Story’ segment. For some strange reason, November 4th to December 9th will not have repeats airing on the Tuesdays that follow those dates. If you want a full list of the films that will be playing, go to http://www.tcm.com for more details.

If you’re looking for some recommendations on what films to tune into, might I recommend “Never Weaken” (Sept. 9), “Singin’ In The Rain” (Oct. 1), “Rebel Without A Cause,” (Oct. 8), “The 400 Blows” (Oct. 14), “Enter The Dragon,” (Nov. 11), and “Reservoir Dogs” (Dec. 2).

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