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Reading The Silver Screen Is Now Available

Reading The Silver Screen.jpg

Author Thomas C. Foster’s “Reading The Silver Screen” (AKA “Reading The Silver Screen: A Film Lover’s Guide To Decoding The Art Form That Moves”) is tailor made for people interested in learning more about cinema. The Harper Perennial book is an educational read that covers how to read and interpret a film, a film’s construction, the role of the camera, scenes, shots, sequences, silent films, film genres, lighting, B&W films, point of view, reading between the lines, screenplay structure, framing, novel to film adaptations, remakes, music, symbolism, visual styles, and more. The author also uses numerous films to illustrate points such as “Citizen Kane” and “Mad Max: Fury Road.”

For film critics (like myself), film buffs, and filmmakers, “Reading The Silver Screen” is pretty much preaching to the choir. It’s all fairly basic stuff that you probably know like the back of your hand. For those not involved with the film world, however, this book might come in handy as author Thomas C. Foster essentially constructs it like a class curriculum. That makes sense given the fact that he is a Professor and that the book even comes with assignments! Some may find that the 348 page book overstates the obvious quite a bit, but it should be noted that there’s still a lot of value here as Foster does a commendable job of breaking down the visual art form of cinema.

“Reading The Silver Screen” is now available at your local bookstores or online booksellers.


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