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All The Sins Of Sodom/Vibrations Double Feature Blu-ray Now Available From Film Movement


Film Movement has recently released a double feature set containing 2 films from director Joseph W. Sarno. The films (“All The Sins Of Sodom” and “Vibrations”) are both low-budget B&W New York set sexploitation films. ‘Sins’ revolves around the dynamic between a photographer, a model, and a beautiful homeless woman while “Vibrations” is about a writer who fantasizes over her sexual neighbor. Obviously, there’s more to the plots than just that, but those are the basics.

As mentioned above, the films are very low budget and have an almost amateur feel to them due to the suspect acting, low production values, and an almost home movie esque vibe to them. Suffice it to say, these films are certainly not for everyone. Still, one has to admire Sarno’s ability to broach taboo topics in a serious manner. In that regard, he was a bit ahead of his time and I can see why the filmmaker has developed a fanbase over time.

Both films are presented in 1.78:1 1080p (with new 2K digitla restorations) and come with Dolby Digital 2.0 audio tracks.

Extras include Joe Sarno trailers, an interview with Joe Sarno, a commentary on “All The Sins Of Sodom” by Michael Bowen and actress Peggy Steffan Sarno, a mini-commentary on “Vibrations” by Peggy Steffans Sarno, a full length scripted commentary on “Vibrations” by Tim Lucas, and a booklet containing credits, photos, and an essay by author Tim Lucas

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