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The Ultimate Legacy Is Due Out On DVD January 3, 2017


“The Ultimate Legacy” is the latest in a series of films that includes “The Ultimate Gift” and “The Ultimate Life.” The faith based dramas are all based on books by author Jim Stovall. In this installment, the story revolves around a free spirited and moody young man (Joey) who has been left a high class bed and breakfast of sorts by his late grandmother. Before he inherits it, however, Joey must first prove himself and overcome his past troubles. Helping him on his road to redemption are a young lawyer (Kelly) and a man who has gone through similar trials and tribulations (Jason).

“The Ultimate Legacy” is designed for a very specific audience (most notably fans of faith based films, Jim Stovall novels and Dove approved titles) and will have little appeal outside of that. It’s a not so subtle, corny, and soap operay production about love, kindness, turning your life around, and soul searching. Sure, the film boasts some impressive veteran actors such as Doug Jones, Brian Dennehy, Raquel Welch, Lee Meriwether, and Bill Cobbs, but their talents aren’t enough to endure it unless you are really into these type of films.

Presentation: Widescreen        Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1

Extras include Cinedigm trailers, a trailer for “The Ultimate Legacy,” 6 ½ minutes of bloopers, and an 11 minute featurette titled “The Ultimate Legacy: Behind The Scenes” which contains set footage, interviews, and discussions about the film and production.

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