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The Movie Tie-In Edition Of Horns Is Now Available!

Horns Book

In honor of the film adaptation of “Horns” (now out on VOD and iTunes with a theatrical release to follow on October 31st), Harper Collins has released a new movie tie-in paperback edition that prominently features star Daniel Radcliffe on the cover.

Written by Joe Hill (the son of literary legend Stephen King), this 2010 horror novel is a murder mystery of sorts that revolves around the tragic and brutal death of a young woman named Merrin. Prior to her death, Ignatius Perrish (who goes by Ig for short) was the boyfriend of Merrin, and while he seems to be quite innocent, the small town locals believe he is guilty of the murder. A year after Merrin’s murder, Ig awakens to find that he has grown horns atop of his head. Stranger still, these horns seem to have powers over people. With this gift (or curse), Ig sets out on a dark path to find answers about who really killed Merrin.

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