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80 For Brady Blu-ray Review

“80 For Brady” fumbles out of the gate.

Based on real people, the 2017 set “80 For Brady” follows a group of 4 senior women friends (Lou, Maura, Betty and Trish) who have been Tom Brady fans for 20 years. Lou is undergoing health complications, Maura is at a retirement center and is still mourning the loss of her husband, Betty is in conflict with her husband, and Trish is a single author. Not knowing how much time she has left, Lou suggests the 4 attend Super Bowl LI in Houston to see Tom Brady and the Patriots take on the Falcons. In order to do so, the women enter a 4 ticket giveaway and miraculously win (or so we think). Upon arriving in Houston, the 4 women get caught up in all sorts of hijinks that involve the NFL Experience, bets, a spicy hot wings contest, a party, ticket issues, drugs, charity poker, and, yes, Tom Brady himself.

The moment that Rob Gronkowski erotic fiction was introduced as a subplot in “80 For Brady,” it was clear this film was going to be a rough ride. Actually, it was clear in the first 2 minutes that director Kyle Marvin and writers Sarah Haskins and Emily Halpern were creating an entirely cringe worthy comedy that essentially serves as one big ego project for the finally retired Tom Brady (who just so happens to be a producer on this project). Leave it to Brady to make a movie about fans of himself.

While it’s admirable to see a film aimed at an underserved cinema demographic (senior women), they deserve so much better than this painfully unfunny and forced comedy. Aside from exciting NFL Super Bowl game footage (which was the only engaging thing happening on screen), the story and dialogue feels like it was written on the spot. The plot is merely made up of a collection of randomly strung together comedic set pieces mixed with cameos or small roles from the likes of Rob Corddry, Guy Fieri, Billy Porter, Jimmy O. Yang, Ron Funches, Bob Balaban, Sara Gilbert, Patton Oswalt, Harry Hamlin, Andy Richter and NFL players including Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, among others. Unless you find Sally Field eating hot wings or Lily Tomlin breaking into a booth to give advice to Tom Brady to be peak comedy, there’s nothing of comedic value to be found here. At all.

The film’s biggest sin is that it entirely wastes the talents of 2 Oscar winners (Jane Fonda and Sally Field), one Oscar nominee (Lily Tomlin) and an EGOT winner (Rita Moreno). How or why they are slumming it in this “comedy” is beyond me. Perhaps the notion of acting with each other was the big appeal, but seeing these living legends phone it in on such a disposable comedy was really tough to watch. 


Presentation: Widescreen 1080p. Grade: A-

Audio Track: Dolby Atmos: Grade: A-

* Digital copy
* 2 deleted scenes and 1 extended scene.
* “The Largest Comeback In Super Bowl History”- A featurette on the NFL players in the film.
* “The Game Plan: Making 80 For Brady” contains cast interviews, set footage, and discussions about the film, story and characters.
* “The GOATS: Jane, Kily, Rita and Sally” is about the all-star cast.
* “The Visiting Team: Meet The Supporting Cast”- The title says it all.


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