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Jesus Revolution Blu-ray Review

“Jesus Revolution” will appeal to fans of faith-based films. 

Based on a true story and the book of the same name, the 1968 set “Jesus Revolution” tells the story of the Jesus Movement that started in California. The story focuses on 4 central characters/real-life figures- Pastor Chuck Smith, Lonnie Frisbee, Greg Laurie, and Cathe. Evangelical Christian Pastor (Chuck Smith) is struggling. His church is fading, he’s stuck in his ways, and he doesn’t understand the youth or the hippie movement. When his daughter Janette introduces him to a Jesus loving hippie named Lonnie Frisbee (who actually resembles Jesus), Chuck becomes inspired to open up his church to hippies and bring Lonnie into the fold. The other central storyline involves a teen named Greg who decides to quit the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps and expand his horizons with a hippie teen (Cathe) that he is falling for. Alas, Greg begins to lose his way to drugs and is haunted by family troubles. With the help of Lonnie and Cathe (who has also found the Jesus Movement), Greg finds a new purpose. 

Directed by Jon Erwin and Brent McCorkle (who also composed the score) and written by Jon Gunn and Jon Erwin, the surprise box office hit “Jesus Revolution” is the latest faith-based film (although this one is based on a true story). While most faith-based films tend to be preachy low-budget affairs, the sincere “Jesus Revolution” actually boasts a fascinating true story about hippies finding Jesus, quality production values and an absolutely killer soundtrack featuring hit era tunes like “War,” “I Just Want To Celebrate,” “Jesus Is Just Alright,” among others. The biodrama does have a lot to say about acceptance, change, finding religion, belonging, love and family, but the inspirational story is essentially preaching to the choir as it were. It’s a very cut and dry slice of propaganda at the end of the day, but it’s made for a certain crowd and that crowd will eat it up. The film may also appeal to those who grew up in the 60’s as the film does a commendable job at recreating a time and a place.

Cast wise, there are several notable performances here. Kelsey Grammer gives his best performance in quite awhile as Pastor Chuck Smith. Joel Courtney does a fine job as Greg, Jonathan Roumie really impresses as Lonnie (who gets a bit of a big head), Ally Ioannides shines as Janette (who should have had a bigger role) and Anna Grace Barlow has a natural screen presence as Cathe. While his role is small, it was nice to see Shaun Weiss (best known as Goldberg from “The Mighty Ducks” films) again too.


Presentation: 2.39:1 1080p. How does it look? The stylistic film gets a quality hi-def transfer.

Audio Track: Dolby Atmos. How does it sound? An Atmos track seems like overkill but  it naturally delivers (especially when there’s music).

* DVD copy
* Digital copy
* Commentary by directors Jon Erwin and Brent McCorkle and producer Kevin Downes.
* “When God Has A Plan: Making Jesus Revolution”- A 32 minute making of featurette with film clips, interviews, set footage, and discussions about bringing the true story to life, characters, location shooting, and themes.
* “The Heart of The Film”- A brief featurette that sells the film essentially.
* “Inspired By A True Movement” is all about the Jesus movement from the 60’s and 70’s.
* “Behind The Scenes Of Living Water With Anne Wilson”- Set footage from the music video mixed with interviews, film clips, and behind-the-scenes footage of the film.
* “Faces Of The Jesus Revolution” is about the real-life figures featured in the film.
* Nearly 10 minutes of deleted scenes with optional commentary by directors Jon Erwin and Brent McCorkle.


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