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Top 5 Metallica Albums

With Metallica’s new album “72 Seasons” being released today, it felt like the appropriate time to do a Metallica centric list. While I pondered ranking all 11 studio albums, I ultimately decided to list my top 5 personal favorites of the heavy metal icons. The live albums, cover albums, extended plays, and “Lulu” have been excluded from contention. On with the rockin’ list!

1. Master Of Puppets- “Battery,” the title track, “Orion”? Yea, I don’t think any other album comes close to being #1. Not only is it a perfect record, it’s also one of the best (if not the best) heavy metal albums. 

2. Ride The Lightning- Metallica’s sophomore effort is another near perfect album with head bangers like “Fight Fire With Fire,” “For Whom The Bell Tolls,” and “Fade To Black.”

3. Metallica AKA Black Album- Overplayed and too mainstream? Perhaps, but every track is an instant classic from start to finish including the band’s biggest hit “Enter Sandman.” On top of that, James Hetfield showed real vocal range on beloved tunes like “The Unforgiven” and “Nothing ElseMatters.” 

4. Load- I have a real soft spot for this album as it got me into the metal band in my youth.  Tracks like “Ain’t My Bitch,” “2×4” and “Bleeding Me” are among my top tier tracks. This album also features Jason Newsted at his very best.

5. …And Justice For All- The 5th spot could have gone to the underrated “Hardwired…To Self-Destruct” but the second half of that album isn’t quite on par with the first. Ultimately, I went with the band’s tried and true fourth album. Admittedly, the album’s production and lack of bass hurts it, but any album that has “One” and “Harvester Of Sorrow” deserves a place on this list.


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