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6 Underrated HBO Series

HBO may be riding high with “Succession” season 4 and the debut season of “The Last Of Us,” but not every HBO series is a hit. Sometimes there are gems that go under the radar. Below I have singled out 6 such series that deserve more attention.

1. Carnivale- It took a little while for Daniel Knauf’s series to get going, but once it started firing on all cylinders, it was an absolute thrill. In an age where shows are constantly being rebooted or resurrected, it’s puzzling as to why this series was never brought back at least in some form.

2. The Life And Times Of Tim- Despite running 3 seasons, this hilarious deadpan adult animated comedy was never really buzzed about. Creator Steve Dildarian was able to make a new similar series with HBOMax titled “Ten Year Old Tom” which is also worth seeking out. 

3. Tenacious D- The Jack Black and Kyle Gass comedic rock band eventually went on to become a big hit, but before that happened, they starred in their own 3 episode HBO series (each episode containing 2 stories). If you’re a fan of the band, it’s a must see.

4. Crashing- The insightful and amusing semi- autobiographical created by, sometimes written by, and starring comedian Pete Holmes did enjoy a healthy 3 season run, but again, it never quite took off.

5. Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways- A wonderful documentary series about the making of the album of the same name. A true perfect companion piece to the equally underrated album that sheds light on how each song was created and how the location of the recording inspired the sound.

6. Togetherness- Created by Mark and Jay Duplass and Steve Zissis, “Togetherness” was a rather deep comedy-drama about family, friendship, and individuality. The Duplass Brothers are always whipping up rewarding films and or shows and this series was no exception.


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