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Missing Blu-ray Review

“Missing” is an involving thriller that has one too many twists.

Written and directed by Will Merrick and Nick Johnson, “Missing” is the latest Screenlife thriller. The story begins with a young woman (June) whose mother (Grace) is going on vacation to Columbia with her new boyfriend (Kevin). June is being watched after by Grace’s friend Heather, but really, June is by herself. Naturally, she decides to party it up while her mom is gone, but the excitement is short-lived when Grace doesn’t return from her trip. As June investigates the matter herself with her digital know-how, she also enrolls the help of the FBI and a friendly Columbian local (Javier). To say anything more would be spoiling the mystery, but expect many twists and turns that involve everything from a mystery woman to June’s own past.

While not quite on par with 2018’s underrated “Searching,” “Missing” is yet another intense thriller. The first half is particularly absorbing with the story set-up, the characterization and the introduction of the mysteries (of which there are many). The second half doesn’t fare quite as well as the writers go a bit overboard with the twists and turns to the point where the story becomes rather outlandish. Still, the innovative Screenlife approach works wonders here and continues to be a welcome addition to the cinema world. 

For those that don’t know, Screenlife is a type of film that relies heavily on computer, TV, and mobile screens ala the two “Unfriended” horror films, the aforementioned “Searching” and now “Missing.” You might be thinking- How do you make screens compelling? How do you make screens thrilling? How do you make screens cinematic? Let me tell you, Will Merrick and Nick Johnson pull it off and then some. Not only do they create a story that is relevant for the technological age, but they understand the logistics of it all and how people live through their screens in this day and age. 

“Missing” wouldn’t work nearly as well without Storm Reid who continues her rise to stardom. She takes a deeply challenging role (especially as the literal face of much of the movie) and knocks it out of the park as June. Reid makes June a very real character who experiences great tragedy and real growth. It’s a really impressive performance to be sure. Other standouts here include Nia Long as June’s mother Grace, the always reliable Ken Leung from “Lost” fame, and especially Joaquim de Almeida as the heroic and kindhearted Javier.


Presentation: 1.78:1 1080p. Grade: A-

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. Grade: A-

* Digital copy
* Sony trailers
* 4 deleted scenes
* “Storm Reid And The Challenge Of Missing”- A featurette on Storm Reid. Interviews with cast and crew (and Storm Reid herself) are included.
* “The Screens That Rule Our Lives”- A look at how the screens were done, the pre-viz process, and the filming process.
* “Hunting For The Missing Easter Eggs”- A fascinating look at background details and “Searching” connections.
* “Misdirects, Online Crimes And The Social Media Mystery of Missing”- A general featurette on the surprise filled film itself.
* “Making A Frame Timelapse”- A glimpse at how the process is done.
* Commentary by producer Natalie Qasabian and writers/directors Will Merrick and Nick Johnson.


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