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Flamingo Road Blu-ray Review

Top notch acting elevates “Flamingo Road.” 

Based on the stage play by Robert and Sally Wilder, “Flamingo Road” is a film adaptation also penned by Robert Wilder alongside Edmund H. North. The story revolves around Lane, a dancer for a traveling carnival who decides to stay in the small town of Bolden City. Lane meets a Deputy Sheriff (Fielding) who she develops feelings for, but her romance with him is short-lived. Not only does he have a girlfriend, but the corrupt Sheriff (Titus) who runs the town disapproves of Fielding fraternizing with Lane. In fact, Titus wants to run Lane out of Town and even goes as far as blacklisting her from getting work. Refusing to leave, Lane eventually falls for a businessman (Dan) who has ties to Titus, but will Titus sabotage Lan and Dan’s life next?

Director Michael Curtiz is one of the greats who doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. Although he may lack a signature style, his versatility as a filmmaker was unrivaled, having helmed everything from “Casablanca” to “The Adventures Of Robin Hood.” In 1949 he dipped into yet another genre (or two) with the melodrama/film noir “Flamingo Road.” While not one of his most well known pictures, ‘Flamingo’ turns out to be a rather timely story about class, corruption, politics, outsiders, and power. It’s amazing (or perhaps frightening) how some things just never change. Granted, a lot of the politics and corruption plotlines aren’t very well established and the Lane vs. Titus plot gets a bit too over the top, but it doesn’t deter from what is an otherwise good old fashioned Hollywood talky.

Of course, the real reason this movie grabs your attention is due to Joan Crawford (Lane) and Sydney Greenstreet (Titus). Crawford gives a strong performance here as the bold, brave and determined Lane who is willing to stand up to Titus. Greenstreet meanwhile is in peak form as the slimeball Titus who has the town in his grasp. Whenever the two are on screen together the movie is even more electric.

“Flamingo Road” is available on Movie Zyng and other online retailers.


Presentation: 1.37:1 1080p. How does it look? This B&W film gets a lovely new restoration.

Audio Track: 2.0 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? Expect a nice clean audio track.

* Theatrical trailer for “Flamingo Road.”
* Radio drama adaptation also starring Joan Crawford.
* “Breakdowns Of 1949”- 10 ½ minutes of outtakes from various films
* “Crawford At Warner”- A 12 minute feature on Joan Crawford’s films with Warner Bros.
* “Curtain Razor”- A Porky Pig cartoon.


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