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10 Random Recommendations Part 35

It’s time for 10 more recommendations. 

1. Creed 3- We’re only 3 months into the year but the third installment in this spin-off series is easily the best film of the year so far. 

2. MLS Season Pass On Apple TV- I was skeptical about MLS going to Apple, but they have done a great job. Not only is the video quality generally superb, but it’s nice to have every single game in one place. Bonus programming (including a weekly wrap up) is also a big plus. 

3. Swarm- Donald Glover’s new horror series about an unhinged fan of a pop star is must see TV-

4. The Adventures Of Prince Achmed- As I continue my quest into delving into films on my list, I found myself in awe of this 1926 silhouette animated film that was ahead of its time.

5. John Wick Chapters 1-3: Stash Box Collection- 4K Steelbook Box Set- With Chapter 4 less than a week away, this epic box set containing the first 3 films is a must own for any fan of the action franchise. 

6. Smashing Pumpkins: ATUM ACT 2- ACT 1 of this rock opera didn’t really land for me, but part 2 was a much more weird and rocking affair.

7. Picard Season 3- This third season of “Picard” is the TNG continuation fans have been wanting. Even though the season isn’t over yet, it’s some of the best Trek we’ve seen since DS9 ended.

8. Trey Anastasio and Page McConnell: January- The duo from Phish team up again for a new synthy follow-up to the excellent “December.” 

9. Godzilla Island- Here’s a treat for fans of the Big G. Toho is officially releasing the delightfully cheesy 1997 series of 256 shorts for the first time outside of Japan via their YouTube channel.

10. The Consultant- 2 words: Christoph Waltz.


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