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The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet Season 9 DVD Review

“The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet” Season 9 offers up charming episodes.

In the 33 episode ninth season of the 50’s and 60’s family sitcom, viewers are taken on a journey with the Nelson family comprised of parents Ozzie and Harriet and their two sons David and Ricky (who are at college at this point in the series). In this season, plots involve  a fraternity junk drive mix-up, David’s law job, the family’s neighbor Joe’s shenanigans, Dave and Rick falling for the same girls, David and Rick’s romances, a lawnmower, a piano for the fraternity, a Prom Queen vote, a party, bowling, a lost dog, Rick and David’s pal Wally, explorations of men and women, Rick’s 21st birthday a free TV set and more. Each episode also contains the cast promoting their sponsor’s products ala Coca-Cola and KODAK (this is a real trip to the past right here).

Originally a radio series, “The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet” became a wholesome family sitcom that ran for a whopping 14 seasons. The series was perhaps most notable for starring the real-life Nelson family. Sure, nowadays we see families in reality series all the time, but we don’t often see a real family in a scripted series. Anyway, the show itself (which was produced and directed by Ozzie Nelson) is very much an old fashioned American product of yesteryear that tackles everyday family life which, in the case of this season, contains plots about guys night out, college life, marital life, a birthday, brothers chasing the same girl, etc. While not on the level of say a “Leave It To Beaver,” the comedy show hooks you with the natural chemistry between the family members. Even though they are acting for the show, they are still a real family unit and it shows on screen. On top of that, it’s the type of series in which the audience really were able to see the family grow before their eyes with each passing year. David and Ricky went from being child actors to adult actors over the course of the series. 

Speaking of Ricky Nelson, he was undoubtedly the main draw back then as he was both a teenage heartthrob and a noted musician and singer. In fact, his rock and roll music talents are even on display in this season. Of course, the rest of the family gets plenty of screentime as well. Ozzie is constantly coming up with ideas that never quite pan out, David is adjusting to a new job, and Harriet is the homemaker looking after the family.


Presentation: 1.37:1. How do the episodes look? The restored and remastered picture quality generally impresses. While there are a few noticeable defects, this is easily the best the episodes have looked.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital Mono. How do the episodes sound? For the most part the audio is clean, but there are a few instances (particularly with episode 1) with a snowy/static background noise. However, those types of issues are to be expected with an older series.

No extras have been included. 


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