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Star Wars: The High Republic: The Battle Of Jedha Book Review

“Star Wars: The High Republic: The Battle Of Jedha” continues Phase 2’s hot streak. 

Written by George Mann, the hardcover release of “Star Wars: The High Republic: The Battle Of Jedha” contains the script to the audio adventure for those who want to read along with the audio or those who just read the script instead of hearing it (which is a quicker experience). 

Set after the events of “Star Wars: The High Republic: Convergence,” the story revolves around a peace treaty between Eiram and E’Ronoh taking place on the holy planet of Jedha. Among the visitors include Jedi Master Creighton Sun, Jedi Knight Aida Forte, the shady Tilson Graf (who comes from a hyperspace prospector family), Silandra Sho (also a Jedi Master) and Mediator Morton San Tekka. Those aren’t the only key players though. There’s Keth (a Church of the Force member aiding Morton), his droid P3-7A, Guardian of the Whills members Mesook and Selik (who are providing security for the treaty signing), Brothers Of The Ninth Door (a dark side sect), and, of course, the Path of the Open Hand cult who believe the Force should be free (members include the leader Mother, Marda, Naddie and the Herald). The treaty isn’t the only event happening on Jedha though as the Convocation of the Force is preparing for the Festival of Balance (a celebration of the Force for all religions). The Convocation itself is a non-partisan council that brings all religions together. The Path of the Open Hand wants a seat on the Convocation. 

Now, as you can tell from the title, a battle is promised. Let’s just say there are those who wish to stop the peace treaty which in turn could reignite the war between Eiram and E’Ronoh and create total chaos on Jedha in the process.

For anyone who has read ‘Convergence’ or has followed Phase 2 closely, ‘The Battle Of Jedha’ is an intense and eventful story that leads us further into Phase 2. George Mann skillfully sets up all of the plot pieces (of which there are many) and knocks them down as everything comes to a head in the thrilling climax of ‘Jedha.’ Readers (and listeners) can indeed expect a great battle with major consequences for all involved. Moreover, this story wonderfully sets up so much potential for the rest of Phase 2 (which is far and away more compelling than Phase 1 in my humble opinion).

Perhaps the most notable aspect of ‘Jedha’ is the world building. Learning more about the various religious sects and culture on Jedha will undoubtedly thrill Star Wars fans. The Brothers Of The Ninth Door were particularly intriguing. And yes, the Path of the Open Hand continues to be as creepy as ever. That group is well on its way to being one of the best literary Star Wars villains.

Character wise, there are a couple key stand-outs here including Mother (the Path leader), Silandra (the brave Jedi), and Keth who seeks adventure and purpose and certainly gets it. 


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