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Top 10 Blumhouse Horror Movies

With “M3GAN” due out today for early showings, now felt like the perfect time to take a look back at the best Blumhouse horror movies. Believe it or not, it was difficult to narrow them down as they’ve produced so many horror classics over the years, but the 10 listed below are my personal favorites. 

1. Insidious- James Wan cemented himself as a premier horror filmmaker with this chilling original horror classic which spawned an entire franchise (with a new installment due out this year).

2. Paranormal Activity- A found footage classic that proved you can still make a deeply unsettling horror with a no name cast and a shoestring budget. 

3. Get Out- Jordan Peele’s deep debut award winning film is still his best. 

4. Happy Death Day- Blumhouse doesn’t often veer into horror-comedy territory, but this “Groundhog Day” esque one (and “Freaky” for that matter) shows the company should do more in that realm. 

5. The Purge: Anarchy- The second film in the series remains the best as it’s the only entry to truly embrace the potential of the great premise.

6. Hush- Fan favorite horror filmmaker Mike Flanagan crafted an unforgettable home invasion slasher.

7. The Bay- Nobody talks about this movie which is a shame as Barry Levinson’s truly gross and unsettling eco-horror film is a winner.

8. Cam- This psychological horror film about a cam girl is another deeply overlooked gem from Blumhouse.

9. The Black Phone- Not only is this the best Joe Hill adaptation yet, but it features a truly haunting performance by one of the best actors in the biz (Ethan Hawke).

10. Unfriended- “Halloween,” “Halloween Kills,” and “Oculus” were all options for this 10th spot, but this horror film (and its underrated sequel “Unfriended: Dark Web”) showcased what was possible by making a screen movie as they are now known.


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