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Secret Headquarters Blu-ray Review

“Secret Headquarters” is a perfectly watchable superhero film. 

Originally scheduled for a theatrical release, “Secret Headquarters” debuted on Paramount+ earlier this year. The story revolves around a father (Jack) who encounters an alien artifact that grants him powers. He soon becomes a superhero named The Guard who protects Earth. Unfortunately, his heroic duties hurt his home life and cause a disconnect with his son Charlie. While staying at Jack’s home, Charlie and his 3 friends Maya (whom he has a crush on), Lizzie and Berger stumble upon the titular Batcave esque secret headquarters where Charlie learns the truth about his father’s dual identity. Alas, the villainous Ansel and his minions get wind of this base of operations and want to exploit its powerful tech.

Given that superhero films are all the rage, it’s a little surprising there aren’t more original superhero stories out there, but “Secret Headquarters” fills that gap. The film plays like a combination between “Spy Kids,” “Home Alone,” “Superman,” “Iron Man,” and “The Adam Project.” ‘Secret’ even has the same cast member as ‘Adam’ with Walker Scobell (who plays Charlie). There’s a lot of familiar elements here to be sure with the plots involving a secret identity, power hungry villains, heroic kids, and family drama, but so what? Directors and co-writers Henry Joost Ariel Schulman set out to make a fun superhero movie and they succeeded. Is it on the level of a Marvel movie and would it appeal to that crowd? No, but it caters to its own audience by delivering more family friendly entertainment. Marvel and DC films can get a bit too dark at times so it’s nice to see something a bit more lighthearted with the kids’ antics against the villains and a more family centric story about a father and a son. Plus, who doesn’t want to spend time scoping out a cool superhero secret base for a majority of the runtime?

Speaking of the father and son dynamic, Owen Wilson and Walker Scobell deliver credible performances here. This may seem an unusual role for the more comedy and indie movie prone Owen Wilson, but it’s clear the actor is diversifying more as of late. Scobell may have a small filmography at this stage, but it’s clear he’s a rising young star who will be around for years to come. Other notable performances here include Michael Pena (playing the baddie Ansel), Jesse Williams (as Sean) and Momona Tamada, Keith L. Williams and Abby James Witherspoon (who are Charlie’s pals) who have great chemistry together.


Presentation: Widescreen: Grade: A-

Audio Track: Dolby Atmos. Grade: A

* Digital copy
* 1 deleted scene and 3 extended scenes.
* A nearly 4 minute gag reel.
* “BFFLS”- A behind-the-scenes look at the laidback set and the cast chemistry.
* “The Secret Headquarters” is all about the headquarters set.
* “Panic! At The Moon Dance” covers the elaborate moon dance sequence.
* “Who Is The Guard?”- A rundown of the superhero.


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