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What’s Being Released In December 2022?

With Awards Season coming in hot, studios are releasing many of their big contenders in December in theaters and on streaming services.Worry not though as there are some big titles (and events) in other entertainment mediums as well. On with the list!

1. Avatar: The Way Of Water- It’s been 13 years since the first installment and lots of film fans are riddled with questions. Will it be worth the wait? Will the 3D and CGI be revolutionary? Will the sequel be a rehash of the original? We’ll all find out Dec. 16 in theaters

2. 1923- A new prequel to “Yellowstone” starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren. What more needs to be said? Dec. 18 on Paramount+

3. Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio- The tale of a wooden boy has been told to death, but who can’t get excited by the prospect of del Toro being at the helm of this stop-motion animated film alongside filmmaker Mark Gustafson?. Dec. 9 on Netflix.

4. High On Life- This wild new FPS game from the mind of Justin Roiland could be the surprise hit of the fall. On Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X and Microsoft Windows Dec. 13.

5. Violent Night- Tis the season for a new Christmas movie, but this one is a bit different (and a bit more violent). Dec. 2 in theaters.

6. Pulp Fiction 4K- Quentin Tarantino’s best film (arguably) comes to 4K at long last. Dec. 6.

7. Weezer- SZNZ: Winter- The last EP of the 4 album SZNZ project comes out Dec. 21.

8. The Whale- Brendan Fraser’s chance at Oscar glory is coming Dec. 9 to theaters. 

9. Matilda The Musical- The stage musical comes to screen Dec. 25 on Netflix. 

10. The Game Awards- The awards are fine and all, but it’s the new reveals and peeks at upcoming games that always have video game fans buzzing. Dec. 8 on multiple platforms including YouTube.


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