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What’s Being Released In November 2022?

As the holiday season approaches, studios and companies are stepping up to release major titles in theaters, on TV, and in retail stores. Even sports fans have something special to look forward to. Although I could have easily listed more, I stuck to listing the standard 10 titles (well, 11 technically). On with the list!

1. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever- There haven’t been a ton of buzzworthy theatrical movies as of late, but this hotly anticipated Marvel movie sequel is surely going to be the biggest movie of November. Nov. 11 in theaters.

2. Willow- The 1988 Ron Howard directed film remains a fantasy classic. If the jaw dropping and surprisingly emotional trailer is any indication, this series is going to be something special. Nov. 30 on Disney+

3. A Christmas Story Christmas- “A Christmas Story” has already had 2 sequels with the passable “My Summer Story” and the unwatchable “A Christmas Story 2,” but now we’re getting a REAL sequel which will have Peter Billingsley returning as Ralphie alongside other original cast members. “A Christmas Story” is one of my top 5 all-time favorite films so I’m both excited and nervous about this one. Nov. 17 on HBOMax.

4. Yellowstone/Tulsa King- This one is a bit of a cheat. Obviously, the fifth season of “Yellowstone” will be a big event, but I’m equally curious to check out Taylor Sheridan’s new series “Tulsa King” starring Sylvester Stallone. Both release the same day on November 13. “Yellowstone” premieres on Paramount Network while “Tulsa King” debuts on Paramount+.

5. Wednesday- This one could go either way, but a Tim Burton produced Wednesday Addams centric series has me intrigued nonetheless. November 23 on Netflix. 

6. The English- A western series starring Emily Blunt? I’m in. Nov. 11 on Amazon Prime. 

7. FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022- The biggest and best global sporting event finally starts on November 20. There will be numerous options to watch on TV and streaming. 

8. Garth Marenghi’s TerrorTome- If you treasure “Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace” as much as I do, you will undoubtedly be thrilled that Matthew Holness is bringing the character back in book (and audiobook form). Nov. 3 (according to Amazon U.S.).

9. Bruce Springsteen: Only The Strong Survive- The Boss returns with a new album of soul classic covers. Nov. 11 digitally and physically.

10. Tom Petty: Live At The Fillmore 1997- The rock legend may sadly no longer be with us, but thankfully we are getting a new box set featuring archival material from his Fillmore residency. Nov. 25 on vinyl, CD and digital.


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