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DC League Of Super-Pets 4K UHD Review

‘DC League Of Super-Pets’ is passable background entertainment.

Largely set in Metropolis, ‘DC League Of Super-Pets’ gives the animal characters in the DC Universe the spotlight in this CGI animated feature film. The story concerns a villainous LexCorp test subject guinea pig (Lulu) gaining superpowers and kidnapping the Justice League. Superman’s dog Krypto (who traveled with Kal-El to Earth) and a group of shelter animals named Ace, Merton, Chip, and PB (who also gained powers alongside Lulu) decide to band together to save the superheroes. Unfortunately for them, they also have to face off against Lulu’s minions and maybe even Lex himself.

As one might guess, the Jared Stern directed ‘DC League Of Super-Pets’ is essentially just ‘The Secret Life Of Pets’ in the DC Universe. Heck, it even has one of the same voice acting stars with Kevin Hart (who voices Ace). The problem is this movie constantly feels like it’s living in the shadow of that franchise. Sure, there’s a lot of fun DC material/easter eggs here and it is nice to see the animal characters from the comics get their own movie, but this story never felt like the right approach to take. It may be aimed at a younger audience, but there’s a missed opportunity to make it something grander and less like an imitation of other media. The dynamic between Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Krypto does play well here (as does the parallel between Ace and Batman), but those more emotional moments become overshadowed by the overabundance of characters, an overly familiar story, and action spectacles.

Another issue here is the pacing. Animated features tend to move quick, but this one strangely drags. 10-15 minutes could have easily been cut out of this movie and it would have benefited from it.

On the plus side, there are some notable elements here to be sure. Keanu Reeves as Batman is every bit as perfect as one might expect. It’s just a shame he wasn’t in it more. The other scene-stealer here is a psycho kitty named Whiskers. No spoilers as to how the character plays into the story, but let’s just say Whiskers has the best scene in the entire film.

WB/DC certainly went all out with the voice casting as this movie includes Dwayne Johnson, the aforementioned Kevin Hart and Keanu Reeves, Kate McKinnon, John Krasinski, Diego Luna, Natasha Lyonne, Ben Schwartz, Marc Maron, Olivia Wilde, Jameela Jamil, among others. Aside from Keanu Reeves, the best vocal performances here come from John Krasinski (Superman/Clark), Olivia Wilde (Lois Lane) and Natasha Lyonne as the super speed turtle Merton.


Presentation: 2.39:1 2160p. How does it look? The animation looks pristine in 4K. You will be able to notice so many little character model details the picture is that clear.

Audio Track: Dolby Atmos. How does it sound? The Atmos packs a Superman-like punch. 

Extras (On The Blu-ray):
* Digital copy
* Blu-ray copy
* 12 deleted scenes
* A ‘How To Draw Krypto’ bonus feature.
* ‘Behind The Super Voices’- A featurette on the voice acting cast.
* ‘Super-Pets Animation 101’- A roundtable discussion with producer Patricia Hicks, writer/co-director Sam J. Levine, animation supervisor Dave Burgess, and layout supervisor Regis Schuller.
* ‘The World Of Super-Pets’- A featurette on the locations (namely Metropolis) and the animation style in this film.
* ‘Find The Easter Eggs’- A glimpse at some of the DC easter eggs in the movie. 


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