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SEAL Team Season 5 DVD Review

‘SEAL Team’ Season 5 comes to DVD.

Bravo Team (Jason, Clay, Ray, Sonny and Lisa) is back for a 14 episode fifth season with stories involving a mission to rescue a weapons expert, 9/11, stopping a terrorist attack, battles against the Taliban in Afghanistan, injuries, a South America mission, and a mission to stop a Venezuelan nuclear program. Viewers can expect plenty of character arcs as well about Jason’s memory loss, the mystery about Mandy, Ray’s PTSD and Clay becoming a father (which may or may not impact his future with Bravo Team). Of course, the season also closes out with a major cliffhanger as well. 

Although season 6 is currently airing on Paramount+, there will undoubtedly be fans out there who need to catch-up on the previous season. Season 5 is an eventful one to be sure as the series continues to explore the action heavy, high stakes missions on the job and the personal drama at home for the soldiers. 

It’s no secret that procedurals are CBS and Paramount+’s bread and butter, and while that may not be my cup of tea, ‘SEAL Team’ is better than the norm. Does the series overdo it with the soap opera style theatrics and the nauseating “gritty” shaky cam cinematography that covers up with the budget limitations? 100%. With that said, this military drama offers up more entertainment value and characterization than the standard procedural which makes it stand out more (in a positive way).

Cast wise, David Boreanaz and Max Thierot really elevate the series as a whole. The TV veterans bring a lot of depth to their characters and are convincing in their roles.


Presentation: Widescreen: Grade: B

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. Grade: B+

Extras include deleted scenes, a gag reel, and featurettes titled ‘Bravo Team: Operation Season 5,’ ‘Bravo One Behind The Camera’ (about David Boreanaz directing), ‘From The Ground Up’ (a coffee factory/safehouse set tour), and ‘Uncaging The Seals’ (a look at the props and equipment).

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