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The World Of Avatar: A Visual Exploration Book Review

Re-familiarize yourself with “Avatar” with “The World Of Avatar: A Visual Exploration.”

After a foreword by star Zoe Saldana and an introduction by Jon Landau, the Joshua Izzo penned book dives straight into 8 chapters of content that include- The World Of Pandora, Flora, Fauna, The Na’vi, Clans Of The Na’vi, Sacred Sites, The RDA, and New Beginnings. Within these sections, readers learn about Pandora’s natural environments (ala the floating mountains, rainforest, Hometree, etc), Unobtanium, various types of trees and plants, creatures like Hammerhead Titanothere and the Banshee/Ikran, along with Na’vi physiology, societal structure, tools and weapons, rituals, language, history, clans, characters, and spirituality. After that, the RDA (science and military factions), the Avatar program, tech and vehicles (including the memorable At-99 Scorpion Gunship and AMP Suits) are explored. Entries are accompanied by still frames and images, descriptions, and sometimes data files that include information like names, habitat, anatomy, length and height. The book concludes with an index.

It’s a bit strange that DK isn’t releasing “The World Of Avatar: A Visual Experience” book closer to the theatrical release of “Avatar: The Way Of Water” in December. Not only could it include more content from the sequel, but it would also make sense from a business standpoint. Still, it’s never too early to start the hype train it seems. Anyway, this book still delivers as a proper primer for those who are looking to get caught back up on James Cameron’s ambitious franchise (especially since it has been 13 years since the first film). And maybe just maybe you will get a glimpse at what is to come (no spoilers here)?

While much of the book is a sort of a recap and classification guide of aerial, ground and water based creatures and the Na’vi world, you do get to learn a lot about a wide variety of subjects including The Slinger’s unusual hunting methods, the inner workings of The Tree Of Voices, the significance of a Toruk to Na’vi culture (and the rarity of being able to link with a Na’vi), and an explanation of of songcords. Of course, that’s just scratching the surface of what is within these pages, but you will learn more about things outside of what is seen in the “Avatar” movie. 


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