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Lego Star Wars Awesome Vehicles and Lego DC Character Encyclopedia Book Reviews

DK has released a pair of new Lego books.

“Lego Star Wars Awesome Vehicles” and “Lego DC Character Encyclopedia” may essentially be ads for lego toys, but there’s a bit more to it than that. So, what’s all in these 2 books? Let me break it down.

Written by Simon Hugo, “Lego Star Wars Awesome Vehicles” takes a rather comedic approach to the world of Star Wars vehicles as one might expect from Lego Star Wars material. The book (which includes a Poe Dameron minifigure with blaster) is essentially hosted by Poe who showcases various Star Wars ships and vehicles like B-Wing, X-Wing, Tie Fighters, Podracers, Speeder Bikes, Landspeeders, Imperial Shuttles, Razor Crest, Millennium Falcon, AT-ATs, Sandcrawlers, Tantive IV, Death Star, and many more. The vehicles/ships span the entire saga from the feature films to “The Bad Batch.” The book concludes with a 2 page glossary of terms (ala Clone and Rebels) and an index.

Each vehicle entry contains a description of the vehicle, what scenes and or missions they appeared in on screen, pilot outfits, ship diagrams, characters that used the vehicles, various colors of the vehicles, possible upgrades, photos, reviews, pros and cons, and stats about the mode, length, top speed, weapons and company that made it.

In terms of the comedy, many entries contain joke gags in the form of written pictures along with Poe cracking wise. Joke examples include a poster for Poracer parts at Watto’s Junk Shop, Wampa Wipers for a Snowspeeder and Kylo Ren’s Driver’s License. 

“Lego DC Character Encyclopedia” isn’t quite as creative or entertaining a read as it’s more of a straight forward Lego and character based book. It also includes a minifigure for Val-Zod Earth-2 Superman. A rather obscure choice to be sure, but at least it’s something different from the norm.

Written by Simon Hugo, Cavan Scott and Elizabeth Dowsett, the book is divided into 6 categories- Superman and Friends, Superman’s Enemies, Heroes Of Gotham City, Gotham City Rogues, Justice League And Their Allies and Justice League Beware! (AKA villains). As you might guess, this is a very Superman and Batman world heavy character encyclopedia as there are various versions of Superman, Batman and Bruce Wayne, Robin, The Joker, and Harley Quinn. Worry not though as characters such as Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Star Girl, Shazam! and Darkseid also get the spotlight. 

Each character entry contains photos of the character and an action pose (often featuring vehicles or playsets), a character profile, the first lego set the character appeared in (including the set number and year released), and vital stats include likes, dislikes, friends, foes, skills and gear. There are also Did You Know? facts either about a character (like The Penguin’s first comic appearance in Detective Comics #58) or Lego factoids  ala the 2013 Black Suit Man Of Steel being a San Diego Comic-Con raffle figure.  Notes about figure details, suits, accessories, expressions, helmets and so forth appear throughout the pages as well.

Overall Thoughts: If you love Legos, Star Wars or DC or know someone that does, scope these books out.


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