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Star Wars Celebration 2022 Wish List

After 3 LONG years, the biggest Star Wars convention returns (this time to Anaheim). While the panels give fans a hint of what to expect, there could be plenty of surprises in store. Below I have listed 10 things I’m hoping to see. I did not include anything involved with “Obi-Wan Kenobi” because the series is coming out this week (almost there…stay on target). On with the list!

1. Andor- Given that “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” has been the best of the Disney era films (in my humble opinion), it’ll be exciting to see a prequel to that film with this spy series. The series is scheduled to be released sometime this year so hopefully we’ll get an official release date and a trailer. 

2. The Mandalorian Season 3- Let’s face it, this is the best Star Wars of the Disney era period. We’re all hoping to get a release date and a trailer for the brand new season. This is the way.

3. Movie News?- At this juncture, there are currently zero dated Star Wars movies. We know “Rogue Squadron” and Taika Waititi’s movies are set to be next, but we don’t know when. Will Taika’s movie get a title and a date? Will we get any cast information on ‘Rogue’? Is there another movie we don’t know about? Hopefully we’ll get some answers on that front. 

4. Star Wars: The Bad Batch- The first season of the animated series turned out to be a welcome surprise as both a Clone Wars sequel and a Rebels prequel. Season 2 is coming soon so hopefully Lucasfilm gives us a date and a trailer. 

5. “Tales Of The Jedi”- We know next to nothing about this new animated series currently but that’s sure to change with the panel. Is this an anthology series about Jedi from different eras? Will it follow one or more Jedi in a serialized format? All will be revealed.

6. New Books- Random House Worlds (formerly Del Rey) is sure to be discussing their previously announced and or recently released Star Wars novels, but I’m sure they’ll have some new announcements up their sleeve as well.

7. Star Wars: Visions- The panel could very well just be about last year’s debut season of the , but perhaps there will be some tidbits about a second season? 

8. Lucasfilm Projects- This may be a Star Wars centric convention, but I do wonder if there will be any mentions of other Lucasfilm projects such as the upcoming Willow series and Indiana Jones 5. It’s doubtful, but you never know.

9. Jon Watts Series- The recent Vanity Fair piece on Star Wars revealed filmmaker Jon Watts (the director of the last 3 live-action Spider-Man films) would be involved with a coming-of-age post “Return of The Jedi” series. Will we get details on that project? Maybe.

10. Darth Maul- This could ultimately be nothing, but it’s curious to see Darth Maul on the cover of the Celebration poster. There have been rumors galore about a Maul animated series (or perhaps a TV series) so it’s not out of the realm of possibility to see the fan favorite character get his own starring vehicle.


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