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Dog Blu-ray Review

“Dog” is driven by strong performances and a heartfelt story.

“Dog” revolves around a former Army Ranger Battalion member (Jackson Briggs) who is suffering from PTSD (which prevents him from being called back into duty). He is asked by his superior to transport a K-9 dog with PTSD (Lulu) to the funeral of one of Jackson’s former squadmates (Riley). After the funeral, Lulu (who was Riley’s dog) is set to be euthanized as she is seemingly violent and unable to be handled by anyone else. Initially, Jackson and Lulu don’t get along, but as their road trip lingers on, the two begin to form a bond and help one another through their own individual trauma. 

In reading the above plot synopsis, you can see “Dog” has a tried and true formula about second chances, a road trip adventure, and two characters that don’t get along but then start to connect. It’s the type of movie that balances comedic bits (the weed farm and fancy hotel shenanigans) and serious drama all while tugging at the heart strings. The trailers make it look more like a goofy comedy, but that’s entirely misleading. The script by Reid Carolin (who also co-directed the film alongside Channing Tatum) actually has a fair amount of poignant drama that deserves credit in tackling both human and animal PTSD. You don’t see too many stories exploring animal PTSD so it was nice to see “Dog” broach that important subject. 

“Dog” would not have worked at all if there was no chemistry between Channing Tatum and Lulu (who was played by 3 REAL Belgian Malinois reportedly). Yes, the dog is entirely real. There’s none of that CGI dog nonsense we’ve been seeing on screen lately like in “Call Of The Wild.” The dynamic between the two truly drives the story and makes it more impactful emotionally. You can tell this was a personal project for Tatum (who based it off his own real life experiences with his own dog Lulu) and it shows in the final product. Tatum can be a hit-and-miss actor for sure, but he’s in top form here with a charming and layered performance.


Presentation: 2.39:1 1080p. Grade: A-

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. Grade: A-

Extras include a DVD copy, Digital copy and a “Dog” trailer


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