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Star Wars: Darth Bane: Dynasty Of Evil: The Essential Legends Collection Book Review

The Darth Bane trilogy ends on a high note with “Dynasty Of Evil.”

Set 10 years after “Rule Of Two,” book 3 of the Darth Bane trilogy (“Dynasty Of Evil”) begins with an aging and ailing Darth Bane on the Planet Ciutric alongside his apprentice Darth Zannah whom he continues to train. Bane wants to try to extend his life somehow and is pondering another apprentice as he feels Zannah may be unworthy. Bane gets wind of Holocron from a former Sith named Darth Andeddu that may hold the secret to continuing his life so he decides to track that down. Bane isn’t the only one plotting as Darth Zannah not only seeks to challenge Bane to take over as Master, but also seeks out a new apprentice. She has her eye on a dark Jedi named Set Harth. Harth, however, might not be the best of candidates as he’s only out for himself and Sith artifacts.

Elsewhere in the story are key plots involving an assassin (The Huntress), Serra (a Princess), and Serra’s guard (Lucia). Serra is a healer who has lost her father and her husband. Her father (Caleb) actually helped Bane and she believes Bane killed him. She wants revenge against Bane and hires The Assassin to get Bane alongside a group of mercenaries. The Huntress, meanwhile, is fascinated by Bane and may be plotting something herself. Lucia also has a history with Bane as she knew him as Des (before he became Bane) during War. She doesn’t know that Des is Bane initially though.

From the first page to the last page, author Drew Karpyshyn crafted a riveting final installment in the Darth Bane trilogy. As you might surmise from the above plot synopsis, all of the stories eventually come together, and when they do, it’s in a satisfying manner. Karpyshyn wastes no time in telling this story. It moves fast, it’s eventful, the stakes are high, lives are on the line, and there’s rich characterization among the 6 central characters especially with newcomers The Huntress and Set Harth.

Really, the only downside here is that we didn’t get more Darth Bane stories. The book ends on a cliffhanger of sorts that is definitely open to interpretation. It’s fun to theorize about what happened, but at the same time, there’s so much more story to tell about certain characters here with the ending that transpired (no spoilers here). That’s no fault of the book at all. It’s just a shame that this saga hasn’t continued on.

In addition to “Dynasty Of Evil,” Del Rey has also released 3 other new releases in The Essential Legends Collection- “Darth Plagueis” (one of the very best Star Wars novels), “Wedge’s Gamble” (the second book in the “Rogue Squadron” series) and “Kenobi” (a presumed tie-in to the forthcoming “Obi-Wan Kenobi” series no doubt).

Note: The book concludes with a “Star Wars: The High Republic: Light Of The Jedi” excerpt and a Legends timeline.


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