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Fandango Blu-ray Review

“Fandango” is an underrated coming of age movie.

Written and directed by Kevin Reynolds, the 1971 set “Fandango” revolves around a newly graduated Austin college friend group (The Groovers) comprised of Philip (an ROTC who is off to boot camp), Gardner (who has been drafted and has lost a lover to his friend Kenneth), Kenneth (also drafted and engaged to be married to Gardner’s former flame Debbie), Dorman (a nearly silent seminary student) and Lester (who is black out drunk for much of the runtime). Together these 5 friends embark on one last “epic adventure” road trip together before the next chapter of their lives begin. Their journey involves everything from Philip’s car breaking down, bottle rockets, a parachuting dare, and digging up Dom.

Although it bears resemblance to “American Graffiti,” 1985’s “Fandango” (no relation to the movie ticket website) is a little known coming of age movie that stands on its own. Buried at the time of its initial release, the movie has developed a cult following over the years and rightly so. It’s a funny, emotional, and wild story about friendship, life, foolishness, and a loss of innocence. The dynamic between the characters is what really drives the movie as they bicker, get into all sorts of shenanigans, ponder life and wonder about their own future (which involves the Vietnam War for some of them). You’re invested in their weird short trip.

The cast is aces. Kevin Costner is in peak form as the wild Gardner. Judd Nelson gives one of his best performances as the uptight Philip. Sam Robards and Chuck Bush may not be household names, but they hold their own opposite the 2. Marvin J. McIntyre steals scenes as the oddball pilot Truman Sparks. Keep your eyes peeled for small parts by E.G. Daily and Glenne Headly.


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. How does it look? Expect an impressive new transfer that offers up crisp image quality (especially with many exterior scenes).

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? Can’t ask for a better 5.1 track for a catalogue title.

The lone extra is a “Fandango” trailer


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