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Dexter: New Blood Blu-ray Review

“Dexter: New Blood” offers up more of the same.

After “Dexter” ended its run in 2013, many fans were left unsatisfied by the series finale. Now, 8 years later, the beloved Showtime series has returned with a new 10 episode ninth season (or mini-series) dubbed “Dexter: New Blood.”

Set 10 years after the season 8 finale, Dexter is now living in a small town in New York under the name Jim Lindsay. He has a job at a gun store of sorts and he’s dating a Police Chief (Angela). Of course, not all is well with Dexter. He’s seeing his dead sister Debra and, guess what, he starts killing again which obviously complicates his relationship with Angela who is investigating local deaths. Matters become increasingly more complex for Dexter when his son Harrison finds him and Dexter becomes aware of a serial killer lurking about. 

There’s no denying that “Dexter” was a massive hit that had a big fanbase, but, to me, the premise never lent itself to a series. The concept of a serial killer going after other serial killers is a strong concept to explore, but the premise became stretched thin (especially after 9 seasons now). It seemed better suited to a movie more than anything else. Plus, that’s not even taking into account how far fetched the show became as it continued to drag on. With all of that said, this procedural with a twist still had a loyal fanbase that couldn’t get enough hence why the show has returned. 

In many ways “Dexter: New Blood” feels like a do over from the season 8 finale. The irony is the finale of “New Blood” might even be more controversial than the season 8 finale. While it’s definitely more finite and perhaps long overdue, it will undoubtedly piss off a lot of fans. Yes, there is the possibility the series could continue on, but in a different direction (vague I know). Personally, I didn’t mind it too much as it feels more like a proper ending. What did bug me about “New Blood” is that the show reverts to the old ways (in more ways than one). Not only is Dexter back to being Dexter, but the season is filled with the usual lies and secrets. Also, you have some poor plotting choices like the now hackneyed podcaster angle with the character of Molly and the puzzling decision of having Dexter date a Police Chief (way to keep a low profile). The father-son angle is far and away the most compelling part of the season and is indeed the season’s strong suit. Seeing how Harrison develops as a character and seeing the dynamic with his father is integral to the events that transpire here. 

For those wondering how Michael C. Hall is, he has no trouble stepping back into the role of Dexter. It’s like he never stopped playing the character. It was also great to see veteran character actor Clancy Brown in a major role. The man can do no wrong. 


Presentation: Widescreen 1080p. Grade: A-

Audio Track: Dolby TrueHD 5.1. Grade: A-

* “Why Now?” covers the resurrection of the series. Interviews and set footage are included.
* “Dissecting Dexter: New Blood: Deb Is Back”- A featurette that covers Deb’s return (won’t spoil how).
* “Dissecting Dexter: New Blood: The Kill Room”- A behind-the-scenes featurette on The Kill Room.
* “All Out On The Table”- A making of featurette about the new season that contains interviews, episode clips, and character and plot discussions.

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